Lo/No Doc Loans

Self Employed without financials? No worries!

Are you a sole trader or company looking to purchase a vehicle predominately for business purposes? Accountant hasn’t finished your current year financials or haven’t had time to get them up to date? Do your financials not really represent your actual income? Well then if you have a current ABN and its for business use then we may be able to help.

What is a Lo/No Doc Loan?

Finance companies know that it can be difficult to produce the financials at particular times and even when they are supplied it may not be a true representation of the companies cash flow, so many lenders are coming out with non-conforming loans where they don’t require any financials. As you have been running a business and know your business income and expenses better than anyone else the lender just requires a declaration stating you can make the payments.

Is a Lo/No Doc Loan right for you?

As everyones circumstances are different it’s best to discuss it with us in person, however we have a wide range of facilities available so we are sure to have a product that will work for you. Let Rostron Finance do the hard work for you in comparing the market to provide the best solution for you. Regardless of whether you purchase your vehicle/bike/boat/jetski new or used, through a dealership, private sale, or an auction as long as you have a current ABN and can afford the payments we are able to assist.

Make sure you have adequate cover for the unseeable future.

At Rostron Finance we understand that things don’t always go to plan, so we offer a range of products to protect your vehicle and yourself in case something does come up. The products we offer are:

These products are able to be incorporated into your finance package so you only have to manage one payment.

Apply online below or contact one of our finance specialists today about your requirements.