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Many businesses, in particular small businesses are looking for assistance to access funding that will support their immediate and long term growth plans.

By definition a business loan is where a business borrows money from expected future revenues they anticipate they will receive.

Our team of experienced brokers can negotiate and guide you and your business through the process of accessing customised business loans for a multitude of purposes that are available through our extensive panel of lenders. Our processes are designed to alleviate the challenges of securing bank funding so that you and your business can find easy ways to access;

  • Short term cash flow finance that covers your businesses day to day expense by helping to smooth out the peaks and troughs or seasonal fluctuations of monies coming into the business.
  • Debt consolidation solutions
  • ATO debt clearance
  • Access to funding for expansion, acquisition or to engage in major purchase purposes

The Business Loans we Offer

There are 4 different levels of cover that we offer as we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. They are:

Chattel Mortgage

Commercial Hire Purchase

Finance Leasing


Adequate Cover for the Unseeable Future.

At Rostron Finance we understand that things don’t always go to plan, so we offer a range of products to protect your vehicle and yourself in case something does come up. The products we offer are


Comprehensive Insurance

With so many different types of trucks on the market it can be difficult to have the right cover at the cheapest price. Luckily we have many different truck insurances packages available, which are easy to set up and maintain. As with all insurances the premium and policy will differ depending on your circumstances. This is why we tailor the insurance package to your circumstance, whether it be insurance for a whole fleet of cars, or just a vehicle for a sole trader, we can make sure the package has enough cover for you and you aren’t paying for unnecessary costs.


Shortfall Gap Cover

Shortfall Gap Cover (Also known as Motor Equity) covers you in the event that your vehicle is written off. Gap cover is recommended for anyone that is financing a large portion, if not all, of their vehicle and is taking out comprehensive insurance. Speak to one of our Rostron Finance specialists about the different covers, exclusions and maximum claim limits before making a decision if this is right for you.


Loan Protection

Protect yourself from missing a payment and damaging your credit history. We understand that taking out a new loan can be a big commitment for some people and if something was to happen to you it could put you into financial hardship. Speak to one of our Rostron Finance specialists about Loan protection today.


Extended Warranty

Reliability is the cornerstone of any successful venture, and an Equipment Warranty stands as a testament to that reliability. Whether you're operating heavy machinery, intricate electronics, or industrial tools, the assurance of an Equipment Warranty provides unmatched peace of mind. It goes beyond the initial purchase, offering a safety net that ensures your equipment's optimal performance over time. With a comprehensive Equipment Warranty in place, you're empowered to tackle challenges head-on, confident that any unexpected issues will be swiftly addressed, and your operations will continue without interruption.



Equipment Insurance

The equipment you use in your business is a key part of making it run, so it is important to protect your assets. Without the necessary cover for machinery breakdown, electrical failure, theft, etc. it can lead to a significant financial losses.

At Rostron Finance we offer a insurance solution that we can tailor to your particular business model and requirements. This can include transit or temporary removal cover, machinery breakdown, deterioration or damage to electronic equipment, and many more.

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“Rostron helped throughout the whole process of financing my car and also helped with insurance.”

Hannah Clare

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“I had the confidence I was getting the best deal. Rostron provided a really simple & smooth process”

Ryan Lee, Kerdic Homes Pty Ltd

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Our experience with ROSTRON has been incredible!

This is the first time I have used any external finance broker for any sort of loan. I was always skeptical of using external companies and always preferred to deal directly with banks. But I can definitely say Rostron Finance...

Mark Fodd

Exceptional Service at Rostron Finance!

Massive thank you to Alexander! The customer service through the entire process of buying a new car has been incredible. Alexander was open, honest and so helpful, you felt like he was going above and beyond to help you. You didn’t feel like just another sale, like how some dealerships make you feel. Honestly ask for Alexander to help you with your finance!

Janaya Evans

Navigating Financial Solutions with Rostron!

Thank you Hamish from Rostron for absolutely amazing customer service and wealth of knowledge in sorting out our business car loan. Exceptionally fast responses to all our inquiries, attention to detail in preparing our documents, very knowledgeable approach. We dealt with Rostron Finance few times now and each time service exceeds our expectations.

Kasia Pilch

A Five-Star Experience with Rostron's Professional Team!

I had a fantastic experience with Hamish in sorting out my loan for my car. Every question I could think of had an answer, if I had an alternate suggestion, he would hear me out and we would work from there.

Legitimately, I can't sing his praises high enough, and by extension, the company as well.

Matthew Schmidt

Exceptional Solutions at Rostron Finance!

I found Rostron Finance via a random google search and it had me intrigued as to why so many great customer experiences (especially with a person named Harrison). Funnily enough, my contact WAS Harrison and from my first contact with him it gave me insight as to why all the brilliant reviews.  I can easily say that Harrison's service, attitude, knowledge, expertise and genuine time is first class. Although we didn't get the result we wanted, Harrison went above and beyond. It made the whole experience just that better.

Thank you Harrison, you are a gem!

Sandra Nolan

Top Notch Service with Rostron Finance!

Excellent service from Rostron! Patrick was super helpful and very efficient. From the initial application through to settlement, which only took a couple of days, Patrick was great to deal with. Highly recommend!

Todd Sills

Brokers you can depend on to get it right

Brokers you can depend on to get it right