No matter where or how you purchase your item we are able to assist you with the finance. Whether it’s through a dealer, auction, private sale, or re-finance we are able to provide a competitive finance solution for you. In fact if you know the exact item that you are after we are even able to take the hassle out of the negotiation for you by using our connections in the market to secure you fleet pricing with our free Find’a’car service.

Whether you are looking for a car, bike, caravan, boat, jet ski, trailer, equipment or any other loan we have the right lenders on our panel to deliver the right package to you. Apply online now to start the process.

You sure can. In fact this is a great way to purchase something as you will have the money ready to go and know how much you are able to spend when you go to purchase. To do this all we require is how much you are looking to spend per week and a rough idea on what item you are looking to purchase. Then once you have purchased the item we can make the small adjustments and get the lender to transfer the money.

Not only is this a great way to purchase, it also allows you to have a greater bargaining power as the dealer or vendor knows they are going to get their money quickly. A pre-approval can be done within 24 hours. Apply online to start the process now.

Rostron Finance can include a wide range of accessories, insurances, and warranties in your loan package. There may be some limitations to the amount of extras we can include however these options can easily be discussed with your Rostron Finance broker once you have applied for the loan.

At Rostron Finance we can try and provide a finance solution to any situation other than home loans. We have multiple lenders that all have different appetites for what assets they will lend to, and for different financial situations. We offer highly competitive rates on all our loan products with repayments, structure and terms to meet your individual requirements.

Our Rostron Finance specialists are ready to help you negotiate a great package from the most competitive lenders in the market. So whether your a looking for Car, Boat, Bike, Jet Ski, Caravan, Trailer, Equipment, or any other finance contact us or apply online to get the right loan for you.

As there are no application fees until the loan is settled you will not have any out of hand expenses. Additionally it only shows on your credit file that you have made an enquiry, not that you have been declined so there is no harm in applying if you have any reason to be hesitant. If you have too many credit enquiries on your credit file it can affect your credit rating, however this is the exact reason you should go through Rostron Finance as we use our knowledge and experience to assess the deal before submitting it to any financiers so that we have a positive and competitive outcome quickly without putting multiple hits on your credit file. That being said we can generally still get your loan approved even if you have applied at multiple locations before.

Apply online now to get the most competitive deal from one of our multiple lenders.

For all personal consumer loans your first payment will be in arrears, meaning your first payment will be due one week, fortnight, or month from when the loan has settled. The information showing you if your payment is in weeks, fortnights or months will be in your loan documentation, alternatively you can contact your Rostron Finance broker, or lender (see loan documents) to find out.

For business applicants your loan may be set up in advanced meaning your first monthly payment will be payable the day the loan settles and each payment will come out a month from that date. Alternatively some business applications may be set up in arrears so if in doubt contact your Rostron Finance broker or lender to discuss.

Extra payments of any amount can be made at any time by cheque, cash, direct deposit and BPAY where applicable (some fees and limits may apply). Contact your lender or see loan documentation for further information on how this can be done.

No worries. Rostron Finance has experienced finance brokers that have access to multiple lenders that we have strong relationships with. This allows us to get loans bought that other brokers or lenders cant. It is our job to provide you with a competitive finance package that will suit your needs. Whether you have had bad credit, defaults or just less than average stability we have the right financiers to provide you with the best solution in the market.

At Rostron Finance we will always deliver the best service and best finance package available for your current financial situation and requirements. With ex-bankrupts, consistent bad credit or multiple defaults we have lenders which provide Bad Credit Loans. These loans can sometimes be at a higher interest rate to cover the higher risk. We make the whole process as easy as we can for you so you don’t have to keep jumping through heaps of hoops to get the product you are looking to purchase. Generally all we require is proof of ID, proof of income (2 payslips and 3 months bank statements), and proof of residence (rental agreement/rates notice).

Complete an application online or contact one of our experienced Rostron Finance specialists to find out which loan and lender will suit you the best.

A secured loan means that the finance company takes an interest in your asset and it is encumbered to the Personal Properties Security Register. By doing this banks and lenders are able to provide a wide range of products such as New & Used Car Loans for Personal or Commerical use, Bad Credit Car Loans, Low/No Doc Car Loans, and more, which have the greatest flexibility and rates due to the finance company taking the asset as security.

An unsecured personal loan is a loan where the bank doesn’t take any security. This is suitable for all general purpose money needs such as fixing your car, a holiday, paying off current debt (credit cards), etc. This loan is also suitable for old or imported assets where the finance company is unable to take security over the asset. Our unsecured loans at a fixed competitive rate allowing you to take advantage of the best deals in the market.

Apply now to take advantage of our great secured and unsecured loans.

Yes. Rostron Finance collects and stores your information confidentially and private, which we only use in the manner of facilitating your loan after receiving your consent to do so. Read our privacy policy for further information.

Business finance is available to both companies and individuals (sole trader/partnerships) that are using the goods for predominately business use, ie. more than 50% business usage. The business loans available are Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase, and Lease.

If the goods is less than 50% business use then we can arrange personal finance with a secured or unsecured consumer loan.

Contact one of our Rostron Finance specialists to find out which option is best for you, or apply now to get the best deal in the market today.

We understand that your time is precious so our goal is to have your finance approved and settled as quick as possible. This can be anywhere from a same day turn around to a few days depending on the strength of your application, how complex or difficult it is and how much information you provide to us upfront. Your Rostron Finance broker will keep you in the loop throughout the whole process so you will always know how it is tracking and what to expect next.

Once your loan has been approved and original finance documents have been signed by you, we settle your deal and the supplier will have their money from the financier within 24 hours.

To start the process apply now.

Depending on if you are applying as a business or consumer there may be different documents that we require after we have taken the application. For Consumer applications this may include:

– 100 Points of ID (License, Medicare, Passport, Birth Cert.)
– Proof of Income (2 Recent payslips, Tax Return, 3 Months Bank Statements, Centrelink Income Statement)
– Proof of Residence (Rates notice, Rental/Tenacy Agreement, license with current address)
For Company applications this may include:
– Tax Return (Sole traders/Partnerships)
– Previous Financial Year’s or Interim Business Financials (Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet)
– 3 Months Bank Statements
– Trust Deed (if applicable)
– Director’s details (License, Proof of Residence)
For Business Lo/No Doc Loans:
– Director’s Details (License, Proof of Residence)
– Bank Statements (may be applicable)

A few of our financiers do have a minimum amount financed which is around $5,000 however we have access to finance companies that will lend as low as $1,500 depending on what product you are purchasing. There is no set maximum, however we can only get a loan approved for how much you can afford.

To discuss how much you can get approved for contact us or apply online.

Once you have been approved and proceed with a loan there may be some small fees that get incorporated into your loan. These can include the financier’s establishment fee, our brokerage fee, and other government fees or stamp duties, just like any other loan. If you are declined or don’t proceed with the loan then these costs are not payable. The fee can vary depending on the product you are purchasing, the financed amount, finance company and type of loan settled. The good news is that these get incorporated into your loan so you don’t have to pay them upfront, although that is an option if you prefer. To discuss the different options available to you and the costs that are incorporated into your loan please contact one of our Rostron Finance specialists or apply online.

Rostron Finance deals with many lenders who all have different charges for early termination. Most of our fixed rate finance contracts do have some sort of early termination fee or break cost however on normal consumer loans this is generally quite small (ie. $12/month early). Some finance companies offer no termination fees but at a higher rate, and some offer loans with a termination fee but at a lower rate. Our finance specialists are happy to discuss the different options available so that you can get the right loan to fit your requirements.

At Rostron Finance we understand that not everything always goes to plan. We work with you and your current situation to get you the best deal in the market. As we have access to multiple lenders who all have different lending criteria we may be able to assist you if you have had defaults, bad credit, repossessions, bankruptcy, etc. As everyone's situation is different it is best to discuss with one of our finance specialists to see what options we have available for you.

With so many different financiers out there offering different deals it is important to look beyond just the rate but the overall package. Of course the rate is important however generally the difference in a percent will only change your repayments a dollar a week, so it is more important to make sure you have the right payment, structure and adequate cover to suit your budget.

Most of our financiers work on a rate for risk scenario, meaning the interest rates can vary depending on your credit file, credit score, what you are purchasing, your assets and liabilities, and several more factors. This means if you are a strong candidate the we can offer better deals than what the banks can offer through one of our financiers, otherwise if you haven’t had a loan before or have average credit history we always have the option to use some of the largest banks in Australia to make sure you still get the best deal possible for your financial position.

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“Rostron helped throughout the whole process of financing my car and also helped with insurance.”

Hannah Clare

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“I had the confidence I was getting the best deal. Rostron provided a really simple & smooth process”

Ryan Lee, Kerdic Homes Pty Ltd

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Our experience with ROSTRON has been incredible!

This is the first time I have used any external finance broker for any sort of loan. I was always skeptical of using external companies and always preferred to deal directly with banks. But I can definitely say Rostron Finance...

Mark Fodd

Exceptional Service at Rostron Finance!

Massive thank you to Alexander! The customer service through the entire process of buying a new car has been incredible. Alexander was open, honest and so helpful, you felt like he was going above and beyond to help you. You didn’t feel like just another sale, like how some dealerships make you feel. Honestly ask for Alexander to help you with your finance!

Janaya Evans

Navigating Financial Solutions with Rostron!

Thank you Hamish from Rostron for absolutely amazing customer service and wealth of knowledge in sorting out our business car loan. Exceptionally fast responses to all our inquiries, attention to detail in preparing our documents, very knowledgeable approach. We dealt with Rostron Finance few times now and each time service exceeds our expectations.

Kasia Pilch

A Five-Star Experience with Rostron's Professional Team!

I had a fantastic experience with Hamish in sorting out my loan for my car. Every question I could think of had an answer, if I had an alternate suggestion, he would hear me out and we would work from there.

Legitimately, I can't sing his praises high enough, and by extension, the company as well.

Matthew Schmidt

Exceptional Solutions at Rostron Finance!

I found Rostron Finance via a random google search and it had me intrigued as to why so many great customer experiences (especially with a person named Harrison). Funnily enough, my contact WAS Harrison and from my first contact with him it gave me insight as to why all the brilliant reviews.  I can easily say that Harrison's service, attitude, knowledge, expertise and genuine time is first class. Although we didn't get the result we wanted, Harrison went above and beyond. It made the whole experience just that better.

Thank you Harrison, you are a gem!

Sandra Nolan

Top Notch Service with Rostron Finance!

Excellent service from Rostron! Patrick was super helpful and very efficient. From the initial application through to settlement, which only took a couple of days, Patrick was great to deal with. Highly recommend!

Todd Sills

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