What You Need To Know To Maintain A Good Credit History

One of the biggest factors influencing your loan approval is your credit score. Having a favourable score can attract lower interest rates on credit cards and loans. A poor score can leave you with loan being declined. From car financing to home loans, applying for credit is an unavoidable part of life. To increase your [...]

September 24th, 2019|News|

Should I Buy A New Car? The Benefits of Buying New Vs. Used

When upgrading your set of wheels, buying a new car can be the default way to go. The new car smell, dentless paint and the knowledge that you're the first owner is alluring - but there are benefits to a used car that may make it a more suitable financial decision for your next "new [...]

August 15th, 2019|News|

4 Things To Know When Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home is both exciting and one of the largest purchases you may ever make. Our vision for our first humble abode is often far greater than what our savings accounts can cater for. With ill-advised 40-year mortgage loans available, this decision can have serious long-term implications of hundreds of thousands of hard-earned [...]

July 18th, 2019|News|

Are You Letting This Tax Break Slip Through Your Fingers?

If you're looking to expand or improve your business, you may have had your eye on a major asset. Thankfully, before June 30 is a prime time to invest for small businesses, due to a current tax scheme. Should you be unaware that asset write-offs existed for purchases up to $30 000, you're not alone. [...]

June 13th, 2019|News|

6 Benefits Of Using A Finance Broker

Whether you’re dreaming of a new vehicle, boat or caravan, you might need to consider lending solutions. While your first instinct could be to talk to your bank about a loan, there is another option that may save you effort, time and ultimately money - that you can’t get at your local bank. Finance brokers [...]

May 16th, 2019|News|

Why You Should Consider Purchasing A New Work Vehicle Before June 30

If you’re in need of a work car and you’ve been thinking about making a purchase for a while, before June 30 is a prime time to decide. As there are various financial benefits, here are some specific reasons why you should consider purchasing a new work vehicle before the end of this Australian financial [...]

April 11th, 2019|News|

Bring The Heat This Christmas with a New Summer Purchase

Coming into the silly season, it’s time to start thinking about what to put under your tree this Christmas. If you’ve got a need for speed or a love for adventure, there’s no doubt that an engine driven stocking stuffer is the choice for you. With low interest rates and flexible payment options, why not [...]

November 28th, 2018|News|

Should I Purchase a Horse Float – Yay or Neigh?

Calling all horse lovers out there. Do you love spending time exploring the great outdoors with your horse. Or perhaps you enjoy competing alongside your companion in national riding events? Then why not invest in your very own horse float while interest rates are at an all-time low? That’s right – and not only are [...]

October 16th, 2018|News|

Sports and Recreational Vehicles 2018

With summer just around the corner, caravans, boats and jet skis are all on the wish list. But what if we told you we could turn that wish list into a purchase, today? We put together a list of some of the most popular recreational vehicles in 2018. But be warned, you might be pleasantly surprised [...]

August 13th, 2018|News|

Why You Should Consider Purchasing A New Work Vehicle Before June 30

You have most likely heard before that the end of financial year (EOFY) is a great time to buy a new car for your business. Not only are motor sales at large leading up to the big June 30, but also it can potentially maximise your tax deductions for the year, making it a great [...]

May 18th, 2018|News|

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