Extended Vehicle Warranty

With thousands of moving and mechanical parts in a motor vehicle these days, it is easy to understand why things can sometimes go wrong. This is why all vehicles come with a manufactures warranty, however what happens after that period? Generally it is also after this period where things can start to go wrong as the vehicle is now now longer new. This is why it is important to have a warranty to cover you for the unexpected costs involved in fixing your vehicle when it breaks down.

At Rostron Finance we offer warranties that will cover most situations you will get yourself into. This includes roadside assistance, car rental, towing, and more. With cars becoming increasingly more complex, the repair prices are also going through the roof, so it just becomes common sense to protect yourself with a warranty and as the warranties may be transferable it also offers a selling point when it comes time to upgrade.

To receive an obligation-free quote from one of our trained warranty specialists and also to receive a PDS containing all the fine print please contact us below.

Extended Bike Warranty

At Rostron Finance we offer a range of motor bike warranty options for both new and used motor bikes.

New motorbikes will come with a manufacturer’s warranty which guarantees the repair or replacement of your bike should anything go wrong during their coverage period. After this period it just makes sense to continue it as motorbikes can excessive wear and tear of parts can have you bike of the road for extended periods of time and can be quite costly. Also most used motorbikes don’t come with a warranty, and to be sure you haven’t bought a lemon it is crucial to make sure you have a warranty to cover you.

That’s why at Rostron Finance we have partnered with one of Australia’s largest warranty provider to give you the piece of mind that you are covered in case anything happens down the track. Our warranty contracts are easy to read and easy to claim on. They also cover you Australia wide so if you are on the road, away from home, and something happens you will still be covered.

So give one of our warranty specialists a call and discuss how a warranty can benefit you. We can also provide you with a PDS to make sure the product is right for you.

Extended Boat and Jet Ski Warranty

Purchasing a boat, yacht or jet ski is a fun and exciting purchase. To keep your vessel out on the water it is important to make sure it is covered for mechanical failures. At Rostron Finance we offer Extended Warranty Programs that kick in as soon as your manufactures warranty finishes, or if it is a used vessel then you are covered as soon as you purchase it. Not having an extended warranty plan can be a costly mistake when it comes time to pay for repairs. For the small price of the warranty its silly not be covered for all your boating experiences.

As with all of our insurance products, our Boat and Personal Watercraft warranties have strength of a best rated insurance company behind it. So contact one of our Rostron Finance specialists today to receive a PDS and discuss how a Marine Warranty will benefit you.

Extended Caravan and Camper Trailer Warranty

Isn’t it great knowing that no matter what happens, when it comes to a mechanical issue, during your manufactures warranty period you are covered? Well by getting an extended warranty you can have that piece of mind for a longer period while you have your caravan or camper trailer. Whether you are purchasing a new or used caravan or camper trailer we can help protect you against an expense repair bills that may come up.

With the cost of repairs on the increase and costs of changing particular parts in a camper/caravan already quite expensive it just makes sense to have a protection plan to cover these costs. This way you can you use your cash to spend on your vacation instead of all the repairs.


Combine this with the benefit of having another selling point when it comes time to pass on your caravan/camper then it makes sense to be covered. Contact us today to receive a PDS containing more information and to discuss how a Caravan and Camper Trailer Warranty can benefit you.

As with all insurances we offer, please contact us for a PDS and a quote to see if this product if right for you.