Loan Protection Insurance

Affordable loan protection to give you peace of mind.

Protect yourself from missing a payment and damaging your credit history. We understand that taking out a new loan can be a big commitment for some people and if something was to happen to you it could put you into financial hardship. We offer loan protection to cover your loan repayments in case something unthinkable was to happen, such as becoming injured or unemployed. If you suffer a trauma such as cancer, heart attack, stoke or coronary artery bypass or pass away your loan will be paid out to the limit in your policy, which is generally the remaining balance.

Which is Loan Protection cover is for me?

There are 5 different levels of cover that we offer as we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. They are:

  • Death and Trauma Cover – Covers you if you pass away, or have a stroke, heart attack, cancer, or coronary artery bypass then it pays out a lump sum.
  • Disability Cover – If you are unable to work due to injury or sickness then your repayments are made until you return to work.
  • Death, Trauma and Disability Cover – Both above covers combined.
  • Disability and Involuntary Unemployment Cover – If you are unable to work due to injury, sickness or are made involuntarily unemployed then your repayments are made until you return to work.
  • Death, Trauma, Disability and Unemployment Cover – All above covers

Loan Protection can be included in your finance package and will generally only adjust your payments a few dollars a week. Speak to one of our Rostron Finance specialists about the different covers, exclusions and maximum claim limits before making a decision if this is right for you. We can supply you with a Product Disclosure Statement and discuss with you about including Loan Protection in your finance package today.