Finance Introducer

A finance introducer is someone that refers deals to one of our Rostron Finance specialists and in return we pay a referral fee. Your dedicated broker will ensure that you are kept up with the process of any customer that you refer and you can have the piece of mind knowing that anyone you refer will get the best service and the best package for their individual situation and requirements. To set up a structures Finance Introducer Agreement today please contact us below.

Dealership or Car Broker

Weather you have a current business manager or not, we are able to help your dealership. Currently we are partnered with some of Australia’s most established dealerships to help their business grow.

Dedicated Rostron Finance Business Manager

If you’re a small dealership or it’s just not viable to have your own dedicated business manager at your dealership then we are able to have one of our Rostron Finance brokers manage all your customers looking for finance, and in turn pay you a referral fee for each customer that goes ahead. You can even use our services to help close deals as many customers tend to be repayment focused.

Another option for unsuccessful approvals

As we have access to multiple lenders we are able to get deals bought that most mainstream financiers wont buy. Generally a dealership will have access to only a couple of financiers which can sometimes have quite stringent approval guidelines, so if you get any customers outside these guidelines we can provide a solution so that you can still sell your car/bike/boat/etc. and we pay a referral fee for the business. To discuss the different packages and how the process works please contact us below.

Our Find’a’Car Service

Another benefit of partnering with us is our Find’a’Car service. Some of our customers prefer us to do the negotiating on their behalf so by partnering with us we give you an opportunity to become a preferred supplier, in turn selling more cars.

Accountants & Financial Planners

As an accountant or a financial planner you can refer us your clients looking for finance and you know that they will get the best deal with the best service in the market. Not only this but we will pay you a referral fee for each customer. As we have expert brokers with years of experience dealing with the best financiers and banks in Australia we can guarantee that we will find the right product for your client. To ensure the whole process is streamline and everyone is aware of what is going on we dedicate one of our brokers to look after all your clients so that at any time you or your clients can call them for the personalised Rostron service.

To set up an agreement and partner with Rostron Finance please contact us on the details below.